Shrounding the Heavens

Shrounding the Heavens Episode 47 Subtitles

ONA Sub Released on March 5, 2024 · 41605 Views · Posted by admin · series Shrounding the Heavens


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Shrounding the Heavens, Zhe Tian, 遮天 动画版, 遮天动画

*Shrounding the Heavens Episode 47 english sub

*Shrounding the Heavens Episode 47 sub indo

Shrounding the Heavens

Shrounding the Heavens

Shrounding the Heavens,Zhe Tian,遮天 动画版,遮天动画
Rating 7.8
Status: Ongoing Network: , Studio: Released: May 3, 2023 Duration: 18min Season: Type: ONA Fansub: Donghua Stream
This animated series is adapted from the first part of the "Heaven Concealing" trilogy by Chen Dong, a platinum author on Qidian. In the depths of the cold and dark universe, nine enormous dragon corpses pull a bronze ancient coffin, enduring for eternity. This is an extremely shocking scene captured by a space probe in the desolate cosmos. Are the nine dragons pulling the coffin returning to ancient times or arriving at the other side of the stars? It is a vast world of cultivation and martial arts, full of wonders and endless mysteries. Passion burns like a volcano, and desire surges like an endless abyss... Embark on the path to ascend to the heavens and walk with a song.

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  1. Alok says:

    What a mother fucker character everyone is coming and beating him

  2. Tamara Kay Chapman says:

    Please OH Please interpret the opeining synopsis of the previous episodes….. this series has some seriously hilarious commentary instead of the usual boring “blah blah blah” It is quite entertaining.

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