Against the Sky Supreme

Against the Sky Supreme

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Against the Sky Supreme, 逆天至尊,Ni Tian Zhizun,

The entire universe is divided into the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm. These two universes are enemies of each other. The Outer Realm is ruled by the Celestial Demons, while the Inner Realm consists of the Divine Realm, the Immortal Realm, and the Mortal Realm.


In the universe, there are countless mortal planes like the Tianfa Continent, collectively known as the Nine Heavens Star Domain. Within the Nine Heavens Star Domain, the Nine Immortal Emperors rule over all the star domains within the nine levels. Above the Nine Heavens is the Divine Alchemy Realm, the ultimate path for cultivators to transcend into gods. It is necessary to go through the Divine Alchemy Realm to condense one’s divine essence and become a god, reaching the Divine Realm. The Divine Realm is inhabited by various powerful gods from different races.


In the distant past, the Divine Realm was governed by the Supreme Origin, the Supreme Chaos, and the Supreme Primordial Chaos. These three supremes stood in a balanced position, overseeing the Divine Realm and the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. The Supreme Primordial Chaos, as the ruler of the Primordial Chaos Divine Realm, held a prestigious position and commanded numerous subordinates. He was the strongest being in the Divine Realm and mastered countless arts. At that time, the Supreme Primordial Chaos was powerful but treated others with kindness, benevolence, and trust. He viewed the Three Realms of gods, immortals, and mortals with an equal attitude.


During the invasion of the Outer Realm, the Supreme Primordial Chaos was betrayed and killed by the Supreme Chaos and the Supreme Origin, who conspired against him. He was cursed to undergo eternal reincarnation. His loved ones were killed, his homeland was taken away, and his beliefs were altered. Even his most cherished disciple, Lingxia Tianzun, betrayed him. Throughout his eternal reincarnations, he was persecuted generation after generation until he finally reincarnated into the body of Tan Yun.


Tan Yun is the young master of the Tan family, a minor noble family in Wangyue Town. However, the reincarnated Supreme Primordial Chaos needs to experience life-and-death stimulation to awaken his memories. Therefore, for the first sixteen years, Tan Yun was constantly bullied and despised by others. During his wedding ceremony, Tan Yun discovered his fiancée having an affair with the young master of the Sutu family and was beaten severely. It was at the brink of death that he finally awakened the memories of the Supreme Primordial Chaos.


With the power of the Primordial Chaos Divine Embryo, Tan Yun, once considered a useless person, defied fate and obtained god-level talents. He then began cultivating the techniques from his previous life and rapidly improved his cultivation. Tan Yun first sought revenge for his family and then entered the Huangfu Holy Sect. With the wisdom and techniques of the Supreme Primordial Chaos, he rose through the ranks in the Huangfu Holy Sect, eventually becoming the Sect Master and ultimately unifying the Tianfa Continent. During this period, he reunited with his subordinates and wife who were also reincarnated, found the divine artifact he used as the Supreme Primordial Chaos, learned about the major events in the Divine Realm, and even gained the affection of many outstanding beauties.

Great Doctor Miss Nine Shen Yi Jiu Xiaojie 神医九小姐

Great Doctor Miss Nine

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Great Doctor Miss Nine, Shen Yi Jiu Xiaojie, 神医九小姐,

The animation tells the story of the modern, glamorous, genius doctor Jun Jiu who accidentally fell to her death in an elixir auction and ends up in the body of Miss Jiu from the past. Miss Jiu was originally the direct daughter of the Jun family, one of the two great families in the imperial city. Because of the death of both parents, the family sent her to the Jun family in Fengluo City. Jun Jiu inherited all the memories of Miss Jiu and vowed revenge. In this world of immortal cultivation, she first cleansed her muscles and marrow through her amazing medical skills to improve her cultivation talent, and then made good friends and paved the way carefully. Watch how Jun Jiu kills her enemies, cleanses the Feng Luo family, and begins her legendary story of a generation of heavenly daughters.

Supreme God Emperor

Supreme God Emperor

Ruo Hong Culture
240 episodes · ONA Ongoing Wu Shang Shen , Supreme God Emperor, 无上神帝
The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

Joicy Studio
? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire, bing huo mo chu, binghuo mochu, 冰火魔厨,Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

“Nian Bing: A Tale of Fire and Ice, Vengeance, and Culinary Greatness”


Experience the captivating story of Nian Bing, a remarkable individual born from the union of a fire mage and an ice mage. Tragedy strikes when the Ice Lord ruthlessly claims the lives of Nian Bing’s parents. Inheriting their powerful magic gems, Nian Bing embarks on a journey fraught with danger.


As he desperately flees from the Ice Lord’s relentless pursuers, a remarkable event unfolds. Nian Bing defies all odds by seamlessly wielding both fire and ice magic simultaneously—an extraordinary feat unheard of among mages. However, this extraordinary display leads to his fall from a treacherous cliff, rendering him unconscious.


Fate intervenes when an enigmatic old man appears, rescuing Nian Bing from his perilous plight. Upon awakening, Nian Bing is treated to a meal so exquisitely delightful that it surpasses any taste he has ever experienced. To his surprise, the old man reveals himself as a culinary prodigy, once revered as a spirit chef of unmatched skill.


Driven by his passion for revenge and a newfound aspiration to become the greatest chef, Nian Bing is faced with a pivotal decision. The old man extends an offer he cannot refuse—to become his devoted disciple, no matter the obstacles that lie ahead.


Join Nian Bing on his quest for vengeance as he simultaneously pursues the path to culinary excellence. Witness his extraordinary journey as he navigates a world filled with magic, danger, and the relentless pursuit of his dreams. Will Nian Bing triumph over his adversaries while forging his legacy as the ultimate chef?


Discover the enthralling tale of Nian Bing—a story that intertwines revenge, ambition, and the pursuit of gastronomic mastery. Embark on this epic adventure and prepare to be captivated!

Wan Jie Xian ZongWonderland


Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Wan Jie Xian Zong,Wonderland , 万界仙踪 ,The Wonderland of Ten Thousands,Fairy Legends

The demon, in order to obtain the divine oracle, launched a massive invasion on the Qingyu Clan. The leader of the demon tribe personally engaged in a battle against Ye Xingyun, but in the end, it was just one move short, and he was defeated by Ye Xingyun. At the same time, Prince Qi Jiang arrived in Ningcheng, finally recognizing Ye Xingyun as his son and discovering that Ye Xingyun possessed a rare condition of missing one of the eight meridians, which greatly benefited the cultivation of the Jiang family’s ancestral Extreme Heaven Dao Technique. However, just as Ye Xingyun accepted Prince Qi’s teachings and his cultivation began to improve, a mysterious woman named An Yun suddenly appeared. She used mystical techniques to take Ye Xingyun away in order to obtain the Nine Heavenly Maidens’ diagram on his body, unknowingly becoming entangled in the feud between the demon and Ye Xingyun…