Alchemy Supreme Dan Dao Zhizun

Alchemy Supreme (Dan Dao Zhizun)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Alchemy Supreme, Dan Dao Zhizun , 丹道至尊

In the ancient medicine continent, there are thousands of races, and the alchemist is revered; twin martial arts have reappeared in the world! Drunk and lying on the lap of a beautiful woman, achieving the supreme level of alchemy!

Ancient Lords Yishi Zhi Zun

Ancient Lords (Yishi Zhi Zun)

Wonder Cat Animation
16 episodes · ONA Ongoing Ancient Lords ,Yishi Zhi Zun, 一世之尊

Meng Qi is a time traveler who always wants to be a charming swordsman in white. But unexpectedly, he becomes a world-renowned “mad monk holding a blade” while accomplishing a tough mission in the infinitely continuous “time travel”. Yet, everything turns out to be the trick of an ancient lord. This story tells the legend of a funny monk who wanders around in the world of martial arts and the three realms.

Apotheosis Season 2 2nd season

Apotheosis Season 2

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Apotheosis Season 2, Bai Lian Cheng Shen Season 2, 百炼成神第二季, Become a God Season 2

2nd season of Apotheosis

Back to the Great Ming 回铭之烽火三月 Hui Ming Fenghuo Sanyue

Back to the Great Ming

Mili Digital, Wonder Cat Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Back to the Great Ming , 回铭之烽火三月 , Hui Ming: Fenghuo Sanyue, Reincarnated Marquis

College student Zheng Shaopeng was knocked unconscious by a heavy history book at home. When he woke up, he found that he had arrived at the Danzhu Dynasty and became an incarnation. For Yang Lin, a poor scholar. In an era of internal and external troubles, Yang Lin experienced wars and witnessed the suffering of the people. He relied on his wisdom and ability to win a place in the court, and gradually led the Danzhu Dynasty on a path of controlling corrupt officials internally, defending against powerful enemies externally, advancing science and technology, The road to a powerful nation by breaking through superstition!

Blader Soul Bu Xing Si Yuan Qi

Blader Soul

Passion Paint Animation
18 episodes · ONA Ongoing Blader Soul, Bu Xing Si: Yuan Qi, 捕星司·源起

Summary: As the Qin Dynasty rises and the Han Dynasty falls, many things await restoration. Scholars hide from the world, clans wield power. Chasing after prey, why fight over the weak? United in purpose, ministers act together. Destiny bestows uniqueness, originating from the Sweet Star, manifesting in yin and yang, different from stillness and movement. Those who are still follow the path of heaven, slow and without contention; those who move are bestowed with grace, swift as thunder. Calculations to capture stars, hearts filled with strategies. The Sweet Star enters the world, giving rise to extraordinary individuals. Traitors bring calamity to the nation, loyalists bring calamity upon themselves, appearances deceive, never again to become subjects. Departing from tradition and rebelling against the norm, the world undergoes a major shift. Picking the Wei plant, picking the Wei plant, a new beginning like the Zhou dynasty, picking the Wei plant, picking the Wei plant, a new beginning resembling the Qin dynasty.

Fatal Rule Shenyuan Youxi scaled

Fatal Rule

16 episodes · ONA Completed Fatal Rule, Shenyuan Youxi, 深渊游戏

Qiao Jingting, having unexpectedly enter the abyss game to avoid enslavement, forms an alliance with the vengeful veteran player Shu Ai and the mysterious youth Bai Er against the evil ruler Han Bin and his organization, Heart Moon Fox. After a life-and-death struggle, just when they believe they are about to achieve victory, they discover they have fallen into Han Bin’s trap, facing a desperate situation. Even more frightening is that with this failure, the trust among the three quickly collapses. In a critical moment, the arrival of the super expert and rough man Zou Yidao changes the power dynamics in the entire novice village and brings a glimmer of hope for escape to Qiao Jingting and his companions. Unfortunately, the trio soon realizes that Zou Yidao, who managed to escape the crisis, seems to lack a clear sense of good and evil compared to Han Bin and only cares about his own goals. Moreover, at this moment, he seems to have reached some kind of “deal” with Han Bin. In the increasing despair, Qiao Jingting and his companions keenly perceive the true nature hidden beneath Zou Yidao’s “playful” appearance, and through this, they sense the irreconcilable contradictions between Han Bin and Zou Yidao. Seizing the opportunity, they unite with Zou Yidao and ultimately defeat Han Bin. However, what Qiao Jingting and the others never expected is that just as they leave the novice village ready to showcase their abilities, they encounter a series of threats in the outside world far more formidable than those brought by the once powerful Han Bin, posing an unknown multiple of enormous crises.


Great Doctor Miss Nine Shen Yi Jiu Xiaojie 神医九小姐

Great Doctor Miss Nine

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Great Doctor Miss Nine, Shen Yi Jiu Xiaojie, 神医九小姐,

The animation tells the story of the modern, glamorous, genius doctor Jun Jiu who accidentally fell to her death in an elixir auction and ends up in the body of Miss Jiu from the past. Miss Jiu was originally the direct daughter of the Jun family, one of the two great families in the imperial city. Because of the death of both parents, the family sent her to the Jun family in Fengluo City. Jun Jiu inherited all the memories of Miss Jiu and vowed revenge. In this world of immortal cultivation, she first cleansed her muscles and marrow through her amazing medical skills to improve her cultivation talent, and then made good friends and paved the way carefully. Watch how Jun Jiu kills her enemies, cleanses the Feng Luo family, and begins her legendary story of a generation of heavenly daughters.

Hidden Sect Leader 隐世宗门掌教 yin shi zong men zhang jiao 隐世宗门掌教之一鸣惊人 One of the hidden sect leaders is shocking

Hidden Sect Leader

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Hidden Sect Leader, 隐世宗门掌教, yǐn shì zōng mén zhǎng jiào, 隐世宗门掌教之一鸣惊人, One of the hidden sect leaders is shocking

One episode updated every Wednesday and Saturday


Jiang Beichen traveled to the fantasy world, accidentally obtained the strongest teaching system, and established the “Immortal Sect”. In the early days of the sect, he had to rely on kidnapping the children of destiny to upgrade the sect. Every day, he has to pretend to be a master and deceive a group of talented disciples who admire him. Slowly, Jiang Beichen discovered that his small sect had really become the top hidden sect!

Honor of Kings Wang Zhe Rongyao

Honor of Kings (Wang Zhe Rongyao)

Video Game
? episodes · ONA Ongoing 王者荣耀动画剧集,王者荣耀, Honor of Kings, Wang Zhe Rongyao

“Honor of Kings: King of Glory: Broken Moon”, jointly produced by Honor of Kings and Tencent Video, will be updated every Saturday . starting from January 13, 2024.??


▪ Einglis Name: King of Glory: Honor of Kings: Broken Moon

▪ Chinese Name: 王者荣耀:荣耀之章 碎月篇~Wangzhe rongyao: Rongyao zhi zhang sui yue pia

▪ Main character: Li Bai

▪ Game Name: Honor of Kings

▪ Animation type: 3D

▪ Releas Date: 2024-01-13










Immediately Season 3 永生 第三季 IMMORTAL Season 3 Yong Sheng Season 3

Immortality Season 3

Oriental Creative Color
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Immediately Season 3 , 永生 第三季 , IMMORTAL Season 3 , Yong Sheng Season 3

3rd season of immortality (永生)

1st week 3 episode will release back to back

Every Friday 1 episode

Fang Han, a humble family slave, always held the belief that “I would rather be a beggar than a slave”, traversing the world only by himself. With an unyielding stubbornness, he cracked the mystery of supernatural powers and forged his body into an immortal body. He worked hard to step into the fairyland, and eventually became the peak king.

Jade Dynasty Season 2

Jade Dynasty Season 2

Cloud Art
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Jade Dynasty Season 2, 诛仙 第二季, Zhu Xian season 2

Jade dynasty season 2 or Jade dynasty English Sub

King of casual cultivators San Xiu Zhi Wang 散修之王 the King of casual cultivators

King of casual cultivators (San Xiu Zhi Wang)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing King of casual cultivators ,San Xiu Zhi Wang, 散修之王 , the King of casual cultivators

Every Monday 1 episode


This is an ordinary young man getting to know an ancient weapon spirit, practicing hard with the help of the weapon spirit, getting to know all kinds of people, and experiencing various adventures that may be easy or frustrating. The story of life starting to take shape. In the end, he will become a transcendent emperor and protect the entire continent.

Legend of Soldier小兵传奇 Xiao Bing Chuanqi

Legend of Soldier

Motion Magic
26 episodes · ONA Ongoing Legend of Soldier,小兵传奇, Xiao Bing Chuanqi

It is adapted from “The Legend of Xiaobing”, one of the three most wonderful books in the Internet literary world. Interstellar wars have lasted for hundreds of years, with various civilizations fighting against each other. Tang Long, who cherished the dream of a marshal, relied on his wisdom to stop the Silver Eagle Empire’s plan to provoke a black hole bomb war. He got acquainted with the federal central computer Xingling, experienced brutal training from mechanical instructors, rescued the self-propelled gunboat team, and led a company of female soldiers to re-enter the war. He was freed, but little did he know that what was waiting for him was a bigger conspiracy of the enemy…

Lord of all lords YOUKU ANIMATION

Lord of all lords

Transcendence Picture
26 episodes · ONA Ongoing Lord of all lords , 圣祖 , Sheng Zu

This is a brand-new evolved world of Investiture Of The Gods. King Zhou, Jiang Ziya, Su Daji, Yang Jian will all get a brand-new definition. There are Emperors, the Three Emperors of Flaming Cloud Cave; There are Saints, the Three Pure Ones of Taosim; There are also Primeval Gods and Devils, Chiyou and Xingtian; There is a youth named Luo Lie, who is about to unravel a new age Investiture Of The Gods, with the slogan ‘I am no hero, but peerless nonetheless’!

Make money to be king

Make money to be king

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Make money to be king, 我靠充钱当武帝, Wo Kao Chongzhi Dang Wudi, 我靠充钱当武帝

The earth’s energy is depleted. In order to change his destiny, Lin Yi participated in the internal beta test of the “Lingshen Continent” game. However, he lost his memory due to a system failure and was trapped in the game. During the bargaining with the profiteer system Toad Baiju, Lin Yi gained an extremely cruel person. Plug-in, I embarked on the path of cultivation inexplicably. The only flaw is that this system is a bit expensive. Cultivation progress too slow? The technique is not powerful enough? The weapon is too weak? Simple, as long as you have enough spirit stones, any problem can be solved! In this way, relying on the blessing of the heaven-defying system, Lin Yi crushed everything along the way, saved several dangers, rescued the mysterious girl Mo Baixue, broke through an army of armored soldiers, and defeated the huge boss who condensed the cold jade – the tomb guard. Beast, passed the test of inner demons… This continent seems peaceful, but in fact it is full of dangers. In the danger, Lin Yigen got acquainted with Zhou Buzheng, a shameless person who wanted to be his younger brother, and Ji Yunyu, an ice-faced person who had never known each other before. The mysterious old man Guan Hong is a disciple of the mysterious old man Guan Hong, who has a long road ahead. When Lin Yi relied on the system to conquer the world, he was kidnapped by the beautiful royal sister Wu Tian and went deep into the underground tombs to explore…

My Senior Brother Is Too Steady Season 2

My Senior Brother Is Too Steady Season 2

Sparkly Key Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing My Senior Brother Is Too Steady Season 2 , Shixiong A Shixiong Season 2, 我师兄实在太稳健了 , Big Brother Season 2

2nd season of My Senior Brother Is Too Steady

Nirvana of Storm Rider 风云变 Fengyun Bian

Nirvana of Storm Rider

BlueArc Animation Studio
30 episodes · ONA Ongoing Nirvana of Storm Rider, 风云变, Fengyun Bian

“The Storm” tells the story of top warriors Bu Jingyun and Nie Feng. In order to cope with a catastrophe that was about to sweep the entire world, they transformed into quantum states with the help of unknown seniors and mysterious extraterrestrial visitors, and their whereabouts are unknown. Three thousand years later, an asteroid hit the earth, turning the surface into a barbaric wasteland. Human beings trapped underground gradually discovered that there is a super power known as “pulse energy” in the human body. Bu Tianyun, an orphan from Dungeon 32, accidentally awakened Bu Jingyun who was sleeping in the meteorite. From then on, he discovered the “pulse energy” potential in his body, and together with Nie Feng’s successor Nie Zifeng, embarked on the journey to become ” The journey of training as a “pulse warrior” and fighting to protect the world.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Yiren Jun

Otherworldly Evil Monarch

DC Impression Vision
12 episodes · ONA Completed Otherworldly Evil Monarch, Yiren Jun Moxie, The Legendary Jun Moxie , The evil king from another world , 异人君莫邪 ,异世邪君

Jun Xie was the number one assassin in modern earth. His skills and knowledge in the field of assassination were unparalleled, his accomplishments unprecedented, his reputation terrified the entire underworld. However, during a mission to retrieve a mystical treasure, a mishap occurred… He is now Jun Moxie, a sixteen year old super level debauchee, sole heir to the declining Jun family. A family of valiant heroes, left with an old grandpa, a crippled uncle and a debauchee as the sole heir! Accepting the world’s criticism and cold stares with a smile, his new journey begins! His life will be carved by his own will! Rise to the top! Evil Monarch Jun Xie!

Peerless Battle Spirit Jueshi Zhan Hun 绝世战魂

Peerless Battle Spirit

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Peerless Battle Spirit, Jueshi Zhan Hun, 绝世战魂

One episode updated every Tuesday and Saturday


The Xuanling Sect, the head of the four major sects, came to Shuicheng to select disciples for the first time in many years. The Fang and Qin families started fighting openly and secretly around this opportunity that would determine their fate. In the end, Qin Nan relied on his dedicated training, excellent talent, and the God of War Soul obtained by chance, and under the fair judgment of the messenger Xiao Qingxue, he successfully reversed the decline and defeated the Fang family. After entering the sect, Qin Nan aroused the hatred of Ouyang Jun, the son of the sect leader, because of his involvement in Xiao Qingxue’s forced marriage. In order to continue to become stronger and repay Xiao Qingxue’s kindness, Qin Nan repeatedly defeated powerful enemies, won the first place in the Wanxiang Competition and the Outer Sect Competition, entered the Wuyuan Pavilion with the four major sect geniuses, and obtained the power to stir up the continent. A shocking secret, an appointment with Leng Feng to fight in the Palace of Life and Death, overcoming the siege of Linshui City by the Beihai family, exploring the Nine-Character Mantra Tower, and vowing to fight to the end against the evil forces of the sect.

Since The Red Moon Appeared 从红月开始 Cong Hong Yue Kaishi

Since The Red Moon Appeared

? episodes · ONA Completed Since The Red Moon Appeared, 从红月开始, Cong Hong Yue Kaishi ,

The story tells the story of a blood-red moon suddenly appearing in the sky, which is known as the red moon event in history. The remaining survivors had to hide in the city protected by high walls. Among the survivors, some people also suffered from mental mutations. Among them, those who could not control their own mental mutations would emit mental plague and radiation. It contaminates the normal people around it and poses a great threat to the surviving humans. In order to solve the source of the pollution, High Wall City established a special pollution cleanup department, recruiting people who can control spiritual energy, and our protagonist Lu Xin is applying for the most dangerous cleanup department!

The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 4

The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 4

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 4, Xian Wang De Richang Shenghuo 4, 仙王的日常生活 第四季

4th season of (The Daily Life of the Immortal King)


The monks used all available resources to pursue the three thousand ways of heaven throughout the era of popular scientific culture in order to catch a glimpse of the reality of heaven. The modern sword master Yi Jianchuan and his younger brother, the wicked sword god Chen Nanxuan, went in a completely different direction to seek the ultimate swordsmanship, one of the three thousand heavenly ways. Wang Ling is concerned with which heavenly road to follow today in order to have a serene daily existence, while the rest of the world is concerned with how to nurture a heavenly path.

the metaverse donghua anime

The Metaverse (Bai jia Jue)

16 episodes · ONA Ongoing The Metaverse, Bai jia Jue, 百家诀之江湖诡事录, The first case of a Robot killing a human

In the future city, science and robots have become necessities in people’s lives. The research, development and use of technology maintain a delicate balance between the scientific ethics committee, the technology chaebol, and the third-party security system company Mosh. Wang Xiaoyun, the only son of the Wang Group, was assassinated by an illegal robot while he was out hunting. Everyone in his entourage was spared. The balance of power has been broken, and the undercurrent is surging.


Bai Wuxie, captain of the 24th Operation Team in charge of public security, found Zhang Bingyi and Shang Weiyang, consultants who are good at mechanical networks, to assist in the investigation. After several on-site investigations, it was discovered that the murderer turned out to be a product of the “robot oligarchy” Aibozer Company.


At the same time, Mosh also encountered a security crisis, and everything seemed to be driven by someone behind the scenes. Zhang Bingyi, Bai Wuxie and Mo Shangshuang from Mosh Company were forced to form a special operations team to find out the truth behind the scenes

The Proud Emperor of Eternity Wangu Kuang Di 万古狂帝

The Proud Emperor of Eternity

Xuanhuan animation
20 episodes · ONA Ongoing The Proud Emperor of Eternity, Wangu Kuang Di, 万古狂帝

??The new Chinese comic series | “The Proud Emperor of Eternity” is scheduled to be released on January 1, 2024, and will be updated every Monday at 10 o’clock! The animation is produced by Youku Animation.??


▪ Einglis Name: The Proud Emperor of Eternity

▪ Chinese Name: 万古狂帝~Wangu Kuang Di

▪ Main character: Chu Kuangsheng

▪ Number of Episodes: 20

▪ Animation type: 3D

▪ Releas Date: 2024-01-01

The Secrets of Star Divine Arts

The Secrets of Star Divine Arts

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes · ONA Ongoing The Secrets of Star Divine Arts ,太古星神诀 , Taigu Xing Shen Jue

Watch in multiple subtitles 15+ languages

??The new Chinese Animation series | “The Secrets of Star Divine Arts” is scheduled to be released on January 25th, and will be updated every Thursday and Sunday! The animation is produced by Youku Animation and produced by Ruohong Culture.??

▪ Main character: Chen Xing

IMG 20240320 WA0092

The Sword Immortal Is Here

Xing Yi Kai Chen
88 episodes · ONA Ongoing The Sword Immortal Is Here , 剑仙在此 , Jian Xian Zaici

Otaku Lin Beichen got a mobile phone by chance. The mobile phone took him into a world called Dongdao Zhenzhou. Here, he became the legitimate son of Lin Jinnan, one of the ten famous generals of the Beihai Empire [Zhan Tianhou]. He is also a notorious prodigal and was born with a brain disease. Coinciding with the defeat of Lin Jinnan, the War God, his family fell into decline, and Lin Beichen, who had lost his supporter, was blocked in the school by various “enemies” and unable to go out. At the critical moment, he was surprised to find that the mobile phone he brought with him actually It is a plug-in artifact that can assist practice. Relying on this artifact, Lin Beichen started his own hilarious counterattack.

Asura Westward

Xi Xing Ji Special: Asura (Mad King)

9 episodes · ONA Completed Asura, Xi Xing Ji Special: Asura,Mad King Mad King,Xi Xing Ji: Kuang Wang Xi Xing Ji: Kuang Wang, 西行纪之狂王 ,西行纪之狂王, Journey to the West The Mad King

Youyu, a frail young Asura boy, developed amazing potential after witnessing the slaughter of his tribe, and was abducted by his ancestor Ji Ji. Youyu was reborn through the hell-like death torture of Zhuji, and developed the five senses of the God of Fighting and the unique way of fighting souls. After completing the death training, Youyu reunited with his friend Shigure, but Asura’s law of the jungle persecuted Shigure to death. Realizing that being strong is the only way out, Youyu embarks on the road to becoming a king, determined to become the strongest and rewrite the rules of Asura