Soul land Douluo Dalu

Soul Land

Sparkly Key Animation
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Soul land , Douluo Dalu, Combat Continent,斗罗大陆

Tang San, a disciple of the Tang Sect’s outer gate, faced expulsion for stealing the sect’s forbidden inner gate techniques. Determined to die by jumping off a cliff, he instead found himself alive and transported to another world, a world of martial spirits called the Douluo Continent. In this world, there is no magic, no qi cultivation, and no martial arts, but there are extraordinary martial spirits. Every person here, at the age of six, awakens their martial spirit in the Spirit Hall. Martial spirits can be animals, plants, or objects, and they assist people in their daily lives. However, some exceptional martial spirits can be used for cultivation and battles, and those who possess them pursue the most powerful and prestigious occupation on the Douluo Continent: Soul Masters.


The young Tang San embarks on his journey as a Soul Master in the Holy Soul Village, harboring the dream of revitalizing the Tang Sect. As the Tang Sect’s hidden weapons reach the Douluo Continent and Tang San awakens his martial spirit, will he be able to rebuild the glory of the Tang Sect in this world of martial spirits

Wan Jie Xian ZongWonderland


Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Wan Jie Xian Zong,Wonderland , 万界仙踪 ,The Wonderland of Ten Thousands,Fairy Legends

The demon, in order to obtain the divine oracle, launched a massive invasion on the Qingyu Clan. The leader of the demon tribe personally engaged in a battle against Ye Xingyun, but in the end, it was just one move short, and he was defeated by Ye Xingyun. At the same time, Prince Qi Jiang arrived in Ningcheng, finally recognizing Ye Xingyun as his son and discovering that Ye Xingyun possessed a rare condition of missing one of the eight meridians, which greatly benefited the cultivation of the Jiang family’s ancestral Extreme Heaven Dao Technique. However, just as Ye Xingyun accepted Prince Qi’s teachings and his cultivation began to improve, a mysterious woman named An Yun suddenly appeared. She used mystical techniques to take Ye Xingyun away in order to obtain the Nine Heavenly Maidens’ diagram on his body, unknowingly becoming entangled in the feud between the demon and Ye Xingyun…