Spirit Sword Sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Spirit Sword Sovereign , Ling Jian Zun, 灵剑尊

The long-awaited Wu Mansion selection has finally begun! The competition is filled with controversies, gathering numerous geniuses and fierce battles among countless powerful individuals. Accidents are frequent, and after the event, a manipulated wave of beasts and subsequent assassinations by powerful individuals demonstrate the existence of a mysterious and powerful assassination sect known as the Tianyan Gate. Let’s witness how Chu Xingyun braves the dangers and obstacles in this enigmatic assassination, fearlessly conquering all challenges!

Wan Jie Xian ZongWonderland


Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Wan Jie Xian Zong,Wonderland , 万界仙踪 ,The Wonderland of Ten Thousands,Fairy Legends

The demon, in order to obtain the divine oracle, launched a massive invasion on the Qingyu Clan. The leader of the demon tribe personally engaged in a battle against Ye Xingyun, but in the end, it was just one move short, and he was defeated by Ye Xingyun. At the same time, Prince Qi Jiang arrived in Ningcheng, finally recognizing Ye Xingyun as his son and discovering that Ye Xingyun possessed a rare condition of missing one of the eight meridians, which greatly benefited the cultivation of the Jiang family’s ancestral Extreme Heaven Dao Technique. However, just as Ye Xingyun accepted Prince Qi’s teachings and his cultivation began to improve, a mysterious woman named An Yun suddenly appeared. She used mystical techniques to take Ye Xingyun away in order to obtain the Nine Heavenly Maidens’ diagram on his body, unknowingly becoming entangled in the feud between the demon and Ye Xingyun…