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Soul Of Light Episode 12 Subtitles

ONA Sub Released on September 18, 2023 · 1711 Views · Posted by admin · series Soul Of Light


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Soul Of Light, Zhen Yang Wushen, Yang Shen, 阳神, 真阳武神


*Soul Of Light Episode 12 English sub

*Soul Of Light Episode 12 Sub indo

1688951604709 transformed

Soul Of Light

Soul Of Light,Zhen Yang Wushen,Yang Shen,阳神,真阳武神
Rating 8.8
Status: Ongoing Network: , Studio: Released: Jul 10, 2023 Duration: 18min Season: Type: ONA Episodes: 13 Fansub: Donghua Stream
Introduction:Some people say that the world is a vast sea of suffering, and within this sea, the physical body is the boat, and the soul is the person within the boat, sailing towards the other shore. During the flourishing era of the Great Qian Dynasty, the national fortune was prosperous, and all the nations paid tribute. However, beneath the facade of prosperity, hidden currents surged. Distant enemies and neighboring countries cast covetous glances, while the eight great demonic immortals were restless. The influential Martial Marquis Hong Xuanji held power over the court, and the Supreme Daoist Master monitored the world with his dream machine. In this era of intense competition, a young scholar named Hong Yi questioned the state of the world. Hong Yi was the son of the current top advisor, Hong Xuanji, and the previous generation's holy maiden of the Supreme Dao, Dream Bingyun. Orphaned at a young age and treated as an illegitimate child, Hong Yi faced oppression at every turn, but this did not deter his desire for learning. Through a fortuitous encounter, Hong Yi embarked on an incredibly perilous path of cultivating martial arts and Dao simultaneously. Pressured by fate, he rose up in rebellion, vanquished numerous formidable enemies, and became a legendary figure.

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