Perfect World

Perfect World Episode 125 Subtitles

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Wanmei Shijie, Perfect World, 完美世界


*Perfect World Episode 125 English Sub

*Perfect World Episode 125 sub indo


“Perfect World Episode 125 : Kicking the Sun God’s son to death, Shi Hao saves the Great Demon God and kills two first-generation celestial prodigies in a row.


Just how strong is Shi Hao, who is rebuilding his immortal realm? In order to meet the Great Demon God in the Elemental World Secret Realm, Shi Hao unexpectedly kills two first-generation celestial prodigies consecutively, showcasing terrifying strength. During the pursuit of his grandfather’s aura, many experts stood in his way. With ease, Shi Hao uses the power of thunder to suppress the Thunder Child. Afterwards, Shi Hao issues a stern warning, vowing to strike down anyone who dares to obstruct him.

Seeing Shi Hao’s arrogant behavior, Jin Lie, the son of the Sun God Vine Palace, charges forward with a kick. His strength is not weak, and he vows to personally kill Shi Hao. While for others, a first-generation celestial prodigy might be fearsome, but for Shi Hao, they are nothing more than arrogant geniuses.

In the midst of the battle, Jin Lie deploys his life-origin Vine Attack against Shi Hao, one of his trump cards. Unexpectedly, Shi Hao uses the power of lightning to severely damage the Vine. After his life-origin Vine is injured, Jin Lie becomes furious and unleashes his ultimate move, the “Yellow Mud.” Once struck by it, the body will turn into a pool of blood. In desperation, Shi Hao takes out a mysterious pill furnace, and astonishingly, the broken mud voluntarily flies into it.

Deprived of the Yellow Mud, Jin Lie becomes as weak as a chicken. Shi Hao charges forward and kicks to death a presumptuous first-generation celestial prodigy. After Jin Lie’s death, Shi Hao continues to follow the aura of the Great Demon God.

Now, another presumptuous celestial prodigy appears, who happens to be “Ming Zi,” a genius of the Netherworld. He is also arrogant, believing the Great Demon God’s strength to be weak and that contesting for the bone token here will only lead to a dead end. During the fight, Shi Hao notices that the young man who bears a resemblance to him is already injured. Helplessly, Shi Hao can only intervene to save this young man.

Ming Zi’s strength is not weak either, being a genius of the Netherworld. In order to annihilate this “fool of the Netherworld,” Shi Hao employs two types of divine techniques. While these techniques are powerful, they are not enough to kill Ming Zi. After breaking through the divine techniques, Ming Zi ridicules Shi Hao’s flashy moves, claiming they are useless.

Presumptuous Ming Zi condenses a Dharma body to deliver a fatal blow to Shi Hao. Unfortunately, in Shi Hao’s eyes, this action is too slow, and Ming Zi is oblivious to his impending doom. Shi Hao summons golden lightning and uses its power to electrify Ming Zi’s Dharma body. Seizing the opportunity, Shi Hao delivers a punch to the wretched Ming Zi. With the aid of the lightning’s attack, he successfully kills the second arrogant celestial prodigy.

After slaying Ming Zi, Shi Hao asks the familiar-scented young man if he entered the secret realm to find Qin Hao. After a conversation, the Great Demon God finally reveals his true form; he turns out to be Shi Hao’s actual grandfather. The two, grandfather and grandson, finally recognize each other in the higher realm.”

Perfect World

Perfect World

Wanmei Shijie, Perfect World, 完美世界
Rating 8.4
Status: Ongoing Network: , Studio: Released: Apr 23, 2021 Duration: 20min Season: , Type: ONA Fansub: Donghua Stream
This animation is adapted from the second part of the "Heaven's Shadow Trilogy," a work by the renowned author Chen Dong on the popular Chinese web novel platform Qidian. The second part is called "Perfect World." The protagonist was born for cultivation and destined to face tribulations. He transforms into countless blood raindrops, sprinkling over endless ages and undergoing countless trials across different dimensions of time and space. Through the baptism of the river of time, he transcends the ages and achieves ultimate freedom. Witness how the main character, Shi Hao, creates an extraordinary and legendary life.

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