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Dubu Xiaoyao

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Dubu Xiaoyao, One Step Forward Freedom, 独步逍遥
Status: Ongoing Network: , Studio: Released: Jun 18, 2020 Duration: 7min Season: Type: ONA Episodes: 380 Fansub: Donghua Stream Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Dubu Xiaoyao

The vast universe gives birth to countless types of life forms, and these life forms form a myriad of races and spirits. Despite their different races and beliefs, they all share the same desire to attain enlightenment.


Every living being has a dust-covered Dao heart, and they are unwilling to accept this. They strive to cultivate and comprehend the Dao, becoming powerful and even achieving immortality. The great Dao of the heavens and earth is like the flow of qi, and those who are capable occupy it. The path of the Dao is a path of competition, leading to conflicts among the myriad races and spirits.


In each era, only a few individuals can achieve enlightenment. Those who attain it believe they stand at the pinnacle of the world and can enjoy boundless freedom in the future. However, they discover that even after attaining enlightenment, they cannot escape calamity. Above them, there are rulers who reap one era after another, harvesting the ambitions of cultivators from all corners of the world. The myriad races and spirits are nothing more than nurtured beings under the control of these rulers.


These rulers harvest those who have attained enlightenment and the spiritual essence of each world, destroying one world after another. Throughout the generations, those who have attained enlightenment are unwilling to be harvested and continuously resist, but they always fail.


Until… the protagonist, Ye Yu, appears. He unravels the secrets of each era, unveiling one after another. With the unfolding of his epic journey, he grows constantly in this magnificent world, experiencing love and friendship, cleansing his dust-covered Dao heart. Finally, he confronts the rulers who harvest the myriad races and spirits.

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