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Sword Saint of Heavenly Realm

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Shi Fang Jian Sheng, Sword Master of Ten Realms, 十方剑圣
Status: Ongoing Network: , Studio: Released: Jul 01, 2023 Season: Type: ONA Episodes: 18 Fansub: Donghua Stream Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Sword Saint of Heavenly Realm

Donghua Anime Name :- Sword Master of Ten Realms (Shi Fang Jian Sheng)


In the heavenly realm of the Ten Directions, where the strong are revered, a young man named Lin Tian was deceived and robbed of his family fortune by his fiancee Xiao Yun and the eldest son of the Mo family, Mo Sen. He was also pushed off a cliff. Miraculously surviving, he finally awakened to the truth and made up his mind to seek revenge on both families and reclaim everything that belonged to him. Beneath the cliff, he accidentally obtained a mysterious black iron sword, which concealed incredible power, aiding him in mastering supreme martial arts. Due to his insufficient strength, he decided to join the Jiuyang Martial Mansion first, planning to seek revenge once he became stronger. However, to his surprise, the elder of the martial mansion was Mo Sen’s uncle, causing Lin Tian to face internal and external difficulties, with numerous crises. Lin Tian began to act low-key, diligently cultivating martial arts and mastering the art of formation arrays. He secretly left the city to gain experience, facing crimson-faced ghosts, killing hundred-footed beasts, obtaining the Blood Soul Flower, and encountering constant adventures. His strength grew rapidly, while the Xiao and Mo families remained unrepentant. They set up ambushes, attempted assassinations, and even mobilized their entire family forces to besiege him in the mountains. However, with Lin Tian’s mastery of divine skills, he shattered their attempts with a single sword strike. Witness how the young Lin Tian bathes in blood for revenge, enduring hardships, and ultimately becomes the Divine King, ruling over the heavenly realms of the Ten Directions!


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